About Eric

My Story (the short version)

I was fortunate to grow in a very wealthy area, with an extremely supportive father and mother. I was very close to my grandparents, both sets were major parts of my education. Study and hard-work were a core factor in my family if one wanted to obtain a sense of excellence. At the age of five my father began training with weights/isometrics and began teaching me about the fundamentals of nutrition. At age six or seven, his father, Julius, used to box with me. He would put one glove on and just jab at me, which began to teach me the understanding of dealing with conflict. My other grandfather, Dr. Murray Bergman, MD began my education in philosophical books at age 7. He used to say to me, “Just read them Eric. One day, you’ll thank me.” This awoken in me the understanding of seeking deeper wisdom to cultivate the mind. My grandmother, Evelyn, Murray’s wife, was elegant and sophisticated teaching me about music, singing and the arts. Murray and Evelyn often took me to the museum, and to lectures on philosophy and critical thinking, which taught me to be refined, masterful and articulate. My grandmother Evelyn's brother, Max Martin Novitz, was a word lover. He too, used to have me read books and study the basic origins of words, adding to my understanding of communication. By the age of nine years old I formally enrolled in my first Martial Arts class, Tang Soo Do. By 13, as well as Martial Arts, I was boxing, kick-boxing and wrestling as well as running track.  Martial Arts would become a lifelong path.


Now, my mother, Arlene, was a very special person. I learned my most important lessons in life from her. All who met her talked of her joy and love of people, family and life. I would consider my parents as my closest friends. I can’t tell you the amount of hours we spent talking about spirituality and giving to people who were in need. Later in life, when she died in my arms, I learned a final lesson from her, that the true power of martial arts is to be strong in the face of loss and to not lose faith in life, the universe or humanity no matter what happens.


I was in high school when I copyrighted my first book and began composing music. I graduated and went to college, I realized this type of education was not for me. I was moving into studying eastern classics, going deeper into Qigong and other forms of weapon training and Internal Arts I was exploring.  I got into theater as my mother did. She was Shakespearean actress. Although everyone praised my acting presence and ability, it was the words of the plays and scripts that were at the core of my interest.


By now I was studying, training, composing and began teaching privately day and night. I was introduced to the art of Systema and it added another cornerstone to my cultivation.

After awhile I began to feel it was time leave the comforts of West Bloomfield Michigan. My sister & her husband moved to Los Angeles. They invited me out there and I went. They had small house on their property. Long story short, I converted it into a Zen like retreat, lived like a monk and spent the next seven years studying, meditating, cultivating and teaching up to 14 hours a day. I met a high level Wuji master who I exchanged many abilities with for the first year which added much to the experience. I have always had this divine luck of teachers coming into my life and teaching core elements of internal arts systems and then just disappearing.


I feel I have completed much cultivation, and like a Shaman, am ready to share my vision with the tribe.  In the last few years, I have began putting the essence of my wisdom into teachable systems, and books, on inner mastery, strategy and unity between peoples of all races, regions and religions.


I now dedicate my life to expanding the gifts of wisdom and understanding that have been passed down to me with others, so that they too may cultivate a life of power, wisdom and understanding.


With Your Future In Thought,


Eric Sander Kingston

Son of William & Arlene





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