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Wish On Wisdom is a series of books I created, which cultivates and shares the wisdom contained within every race, culture and gender.  It is my vision, that by utilizing the gifts of wisdom each culture offers the world, we will build bridges of unity and understanding towards one another.  These books are about Spiritual Wisdom, Peace & Energy, not Religion.

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Strategies to inner self mastery through the stripping away of dualism.  These works take one through an essence of transformation, to attain a cultivated primordial awareness on both the intellectual and emotional level.  Once mastered, these strategies, allow one to merge mind, body, soul, as well as thought, speech and action into a unified field which can be applied to any endeavor one chooses.



Please Note:  This book is NOT intended for beginners who do not have some background in ancient energy literature, conflict resolution based on transformation towards inner mutual understanding or for Martial Artists who do not grasp Gandhi's Wisdom:  "The greatest demons in the world are those running around our own hearts."

African Women's Wisdom


African Women's Wisdom. Original Parables Based On African Proverbs To Empower The Feminine. This book contains original, one paragraph, African wisdom-based parables, based on the proverbs of Africa. Each parable is written, to reveal a practical and spiritual wisdom. Each parable concludes with an Insight, Question, Agreement. This is an optional, proactive opportunity, designed to offer to the reader, or listener, a deeper self-exploration that can open an internal door to a personal power and transformation.

Eric Sander Kingston presenting Coretta Scott King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s widow with my work "Faith & Love" with her close friend Reverend Flowers.

The Sacred Gate VOLUME I


The 13 Original Rabbinic Parables within this book are meant to be flexible, practical and interactive. The parables teach universal wisdom's applicable, through the readers interpretation, to any race, religion or region. Each parable concludes with an Insight, Question and Agreement, one can choose to use for further spiritual development

There Is No Place

Where G-d Is Not

A Fable There was once a child who understood all The answers of the Universe. One day, a person approached them and said: “Child, I will give you one orange If you can show me where G-d is.” The child replied: “And I will give you two oranges If you can show me where G-d is not! This book is based upon this fable. It is written in a rhyming format and is a dialogue between a doubting adult, Mr. Knott's and the "Child" who is said to understand the Universe.